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Graduate have ethics and political knowledge, have the ability to self-study and creativity, have professional qualification; understand basic knowledge of the economic sector – business administration; have in-depth knowledge in finance and accounting, business analysis; good at foreign languages and computer skills; have the capacity to advise to the head of their organization. The students from our school can perform their profession well in any type of enterprises, different ministries, institutions, universities, colleges and non-profit organizations.

In addition to equip students with knowledge, training program pays special attention to practical and soft skills training to ensure graduate students quickly integrate into practical working environment.


Training program is satisfying the Regulation 25/2006 / QD-BGDDT of the Ministry of the Education and Training. The accounting program consists of about 51 subjects – in a total of 126 units over 4 years (8 semesters). After graduation, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Economics in Accounting.

The program is designed in an open direction to bring the flexibility to learners. This does not separate Accounting and Auditing, but students are equipped with basic knowledge and mindset in accounting and finance in order to help students have the ability to work flexibly in both areas after graduation. In addition, the curriculum focuses on international harmony to give students the opportunity to work in multinational companies.

The most prominent feature of the training program is that it not only focuses on accounting and equips students with knowledge of finance, taxation and business administration but also seriously implementing the guideline “Study goes as pair with  practice” by incorporating theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting, auditing, tax reporting, and financial analysis through modules such as Simulate Accounting, Applied taxation, Financial Analysis… go along with researching actual situations of business base on real documents.

Learners can participate in some seminars on accounting and auditing, or attend career orientation sessions with experts working in enterprises.

The accounting program is based on the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training and the programs of many universities in the world such as in USA, UK, Australia,..; And programs of professional associations such as CPA, LCCI, CAT, ACCA, CIMA, etc.


The School of Accounting and Auditing always pay attention to innovative teaching methods and scientific research. Being one of the pioneers in renewal teaching and learning method, faculty has applied many new teaching methods to improve self-learning, self-study, student-centered learning. New teaching methods are applied such as teaching through moodle to discuss lesson before class; quick checks, regular checks to assess the preparation of students before class; group presentations, teamwork assignments to help students develop their presentation skills, teamwork skills; essay writing helps students improve the research skills, document collecting skills and presentation skills; enhance practical and simulated subjects to help students fill the gap between theory and practice. The process of innovating teaching methods has been positively responded by students, greatly motivating study and research in students, and as a result, the output quality of accounting students is socially appreciated, students can work after graduation.

For many years, accounting students have also participated in many research projects at university level or ministry level and achieved high results.


In recent years, School of Accounting and Auditing focuses on building staffs’ capacity in order to ensure the quantity and the quality for the aim of teaching and research. The School also concentrates on training for teaching staffs. Our teaching staff  is largely young faculty but enthusiastic, energetic, appropriate expertise and always strive to complete the task assigned. The School always cooperates with experts from prestigious universities, big companies, or banks … to teach the “Simulation of Corporate Accounting” curriculum.


Phan Thiet University prides itself on having a superior tuition policy that is most beneficial to its students. Along with that, the school has a very good scholarship policy every semester for students to achieve excellent, good, quite academic results; students in an family under preferential treatment policy. Faculty of Accounting and Auditing also has other scholarships for students such as: scholarships of the alumni association, scholarships of organizations, business. For example, students may receive a offer free or discounted tuition fees when participating in foreign language courses or soft skills courses,…


Accounting graduates will have a lot of career opportunities because any business needs an accountant and they can look for work opportunities not only in the sector of accounting but also in other sectors such as finance, administration, etc.

The School of Accounting and Auditing and the University of Phan Thiet always promote international cooperation, strengthen cooperation with businesses and professional organizations to help students improve their knowledge, skills and practicality. This will increase the chances of finding employment for accounting graduates in large local companies, multinational companies, etc.

Since 2012, the School has introduced the curriculum “Simulation of business accounting” to enhance the practicality for students. This  is one of the most modern subjects of the School. In the simulation room, final year students can practice all the manipulation, work of a real accountant such as payment accounting, debt accounting, inventory accounting … , and general accountant – making financial statements. This helps students to accumulate the knowledge and skills required to gain the confidence for working in enterprises after graduation

Our accounting graduates do not encounter any problems in finding employment. In the stage of internship, 30% of accounting students were invited to work in companies and banks,… and most of the accounting graduates are able to find good job, specialized suits.

Our accounting graduates can work in such positions as: Accountant, Internal Auditor in enterprises at all economic sectors; Audit assistants in independent auditing firms. In addition, they  also have the capability of scientific research or teaching at research institutes, educational institutions and training.

After graduation, students can consciously opt for continuation of their studies in accounting, finance and business administration graduate programs of all domestic and foreign training institutions. They also can attend and take the certificate of practice in accounting, auditing, taxation (CPA, ACCA) according to regulations.

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