School Of Foreign Languages


School of Foreign Languages (FFL) and University of Phan Thiet (UPT) is language training program were established in 2009.

FFL provides MOET’s and UPT’s language training programs for students and learners in order to meet the social demand, especially Binh Thuan’s actual need in the development of the local human resources. 

With the guideline of learner-centredness, FFL is always proud of its teaching quality and graduates’ dynamy . Furthermore, FFL delivers equal study opportunities to students graduating from high schools.

Managers, teaching staff, and specialists of FFL are happy to welcome all students to FFL.

FFL – UPT opens Bachelor and Associate level training programs including the followings:

English Language at Bachelor Level with majors in:

  • Teaching Methodology
  • Translation – Interpretation
  • English for Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism

English Language at Associate Level with major in:

  • English for Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism

Curriclum Purposes 

Training English bachelors with sufficient knowledge, professional skills, political attitude, morality, professional behaviour, and health condition will be able to work efficiently in the fields of using English and  satisfy the social demand in the process of international integration.

English training programs of UPT are designed to faciliate students in developing their language ability. The programs provide students with theorical knowledge in English, cultures, literature of the English speaking countries including England, America, Canada, as well as the basic and advanced knowledge in their majors which can be applied to  their profession and social integration.


FFL possesses a large team of lecturers who are all  devoted and experienced. Besides , they are well-qualified with  graduate nationwide and abroad degrees. Native English speaking teachers in our teaching staff  motivate  the students to improve their language skills. On the other hand, the Lectures are provided  in accordance with the subject outlines,  clarifying textbooks with updated content, and assessing and testing methods.

In addition,  the lecturers also participate in forums and scientific conferences about language theories and teaching methodologies so as to promote the teaching quality at the department. FFL continuously enhances and manages the teaching team in order to improve the quality of language teaching, push up scientific research activities, and others assigned by the university.

Learning Environment

Students from FFL study in standardized language environment with  modern learning equipment to promote their self-study ability and opponency, achieving high performance in study results and future jobs.

Profession and Study Opportunity

Graduating from FFL-UPT, our bachelors in English are able to work in different fields, such as teaching English, working in companies of translation, commerce, hospitality and tourism, restaurants, diplomacy, press, international relationship, and foreign cooperation at nation-wide or abroad agencies and eco-social organizations.

Our Bachelor graduates can continue following nation-wide or abroad postgraduate programs.

Students Supporting Activities

FFL students have the opportunities to participate many extracurricular activities in sports, music, and social issues oriented toward the complete educational development. Administrative department actively supports students in providing documents, materials and resolving matters related to administrative procedures. Students are also encouraged to raise their opinions and wishes during the study performance. Many activities and academic games are designed in the learning proccess for students to be able to practise four basic language skills in English, especially in listening  – speaking, for instance, English speaking club, eloquent competition, English singing competition, and MC in English, etc.


Faculty of Foreign Language – University of Phan Thiet

Address: 225 Nguyen Thong, Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province

Telephone: (+84) 252. 2461375