School of Business Administration


School of Business Administration was established in 2009 in order to meet the socio-economic development of Binh Thuan province and the region. Business Administration has always been one of the leading faculties in student enrollment and extra-curricular movements.

The bachelor in Business Administration has a professional ethics, with basic and specialized knowledge in business administration, having scientific, dynamic and bright thinking. Creating self-study and research skill, community sense and behavior of professional business executives reflected in 6 goals as follows:

  • Good Business Administration skills
  • Good English communication: TOIEC 400
  • Proficient in computer tools: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point
  • Have knowledge of executive management
  • Good understanding and application of soft skills (presentation, negotiation, team work, etc.)
  • High professional ethics and responsibility.

Working fields

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Consulting – Customer Service
  • Planning – Project
  • Human Resources – Administration
  • Finance – Investment – Banking.

Graduates of this field can become Entrepreneurs or CEOs, Directors of departments at corporations. Some graduates can teach and research in the fields of Business Administration at Universities, Colleges and Professional Intermediate.

This program ensures interlinking with other training schools in Vietnam. To a certain degree, it has access to the Business Administration program of some prestigious universities in the world. Therefore, with this program, learners can continue to study Master of Business Administration at other training institutions at home and abroad.


Improve the quality of training
Union activity
International cooperation
New Working– learning environment

 Improving the quality of training

  • Integrated the theory with practice
  • Creating a dynamic learning environment.
  • Establish good relationships with businesses for appropriate training.


  • Combining researching with training and fostering to raise the qualifications of lecturers.
  • Promoting research collaboration with internal and international.
  • Published article.
  • Develop book and material for teaching.

 Union Activity

  • The comprehensive training with the “Learn to be human” ideal.
  • The necessary life skills to become both expert and

 International Cooperation

  • Cooperation with international partners and international organizations.
  • Developing of internships, exchanges of students and scholars.

New working-learning environment

  • Learning environment: friendly, collaborative, passion for Learning – Research.
  • Employees as well as students in the faculty must be responsible for doing their job well and creating opportunities for development.
  • Individuals must work together to form a community.


     Business Administration

     Phone number: (+84) 252 2461 374