General Introduction


According to Decision No. 394/2009/ QĐ – TTg signed by the Prime Minister, PhanThiet University was established on 25th, March, 2009, and has become the first and the only university in BinhThuan province. PhanThiet University is an institution for training human resources with the principles “infrastructure – training methods –students’ potential development”.

PhanThiet University’s head office is located on an area of 12 ha with the address is 225

Nguyen Thong, PhanThiet City, BinhThuan Province.

PhanThiet University is the institution that provides the learners with knowledge of college and university level associated with scientific research and high quality technology, meeting the needs of socio-economic development in the process of industrialization-modernization of the country and international integration of the country.


PhanThiet University is a multi-disciplinary institution, a good place for scientific research, application and transferring of high quality technology and providing high quality human resources according to the regional and national standards to meet the requirements of socio-economic development of BinhThuan, the neighboring provinces and the central  major economic zone in the South.

PhanThiet University is located right at the gateway to Mui Ne resorts. PhanThiet City situated in BinhThuan province not only have the economy of tourist development, but also is the highly economically developing area. Therefore, PhanThiet University has the mission to train human resources that will meet the demand for human resources in the local and neighbouring provinces.

Training programs

The university now has 7 faculties and 1 center of human resources development. Currently, the university is training in 9 major different programs: university, college and transferring (The students who have finished college program can continue their education to get university degree in a year. These majors are: Hospitality management, Tourism and Travel management, Business administration, Finance and Banking, Accounting, English language, Business Law, International business, and Information technology. Specially, every year the university provides human resources – about 500 graduated students for BinhThuan and other provinces.

Besides, PhanThiet University also has a lot of experience in providing Master courses in Business Administration with 100% study time at PhanThiet university campus. The time to enrol for the course is in July and December each year. In 2016, PhanThiet University opened its 4 th MBA course.


Besides modern classrooms and working offices, the university authority are interested in developing sports facilities and other entertainment areas, such as student cafeteria with the Internet facility. The most interesting thing of the university is Wireless internet access (WIFI) that is available throughout the campus. Specially, the university has a 750- bed dormitory, with a separate place for students to meet their relatives. It also includes a big system of restaurants, hotels and Eco-tourism. Besides that, the staff and the professors who are teaching and working at the school have close relationships with resorts and industrial parks, which has created good conditions for students to practice and create stable jobs right at their hometown. Moreover, the university also has a guesthouse for teachers at the school with the standard of a hotel managed by the school. As a result, the university has attracted a lot of well-known lecturers with masters and doctorates, and with experience from Ho Chi Minh City and other countries to teach at Phan Thiet University.


Over the past eight years since its foundation, PhanThiet University has quickly developed in terms of quantity and quality. The university has accomplished its political tasks assigned by the Vietnamese government and its Ministry of education and training. In the early stages of its establishment, we have had a lot of difficulties. Nevertheless, the university has received assistance and support from all the departments and BinhThuan Committee. With the great efforts of the Board of Rectors, mobilizing all the strength, the university has gradually overcome the obstacles. Up to now, PhanThiet University has trained over 1500 graduates. The proportion of students who have jobs after graduation is over 85%.

Now, in 2017, the organizational system in the school has nearly been completed. Infrastructure continues to be expanded and improved. The university now has a reputation for possessing classical architecture, modern facilities, friendly learning environment, professional working style and enthusiastic teaching staff – lecturers.  In recent years, the school has received the trust of recruiters and employers who have been recruiting our graduates, and we have been the host of many important provincial events and conferences.