Message From The Chairman Of The Board Of Trustees


Since its establishment in 2009, University of Phan Thiet (UPT) has experienced tremendous growth in both the scale of training and the numbers of professors, lecturers and employees.

Upholding the principles and motto, “MORALITY – CREATIVITY – ENTREPRENEURSHIP”, The Board of Trustees, made up of enthusiastic educators, together with the Board of Rectors and all faculty and staff, always display the spirit of solidarity, transforming UPT into a modern and high quality institution which step by step accesses the regional and global standards. UPT is always a reliable address with a model of poly-discipline, multi-systems and multi-educational levels that provides high quality human resources for the course of industrialization and modernization in Vietnam.

The Board of Trustees commits to creating the most favorable conditions in infrastructure and a friendly, democratic working environment with policies to attract talented faculty and staff, ensure mutual benefits of employees, students and investors as well as maintain sustainable benefits for the institution and society.

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