Office Of Academic affairs and Student Services


  • Functions and Responsibilities
  • Coordinating with Faculties on setting up goals, programs and methods of full-time training for consideration and decision by the Rector; participating in developing new educational projects or training programs of the University, opening new training disciplines under the requirements of the regional and global integration process as well as the need of the country for human resources training.
  • Consulting the Board of Management about training strategies and training management in accordance with the regulations of credit-based training; developing and organizing the deployment of training manuals.
  • Participating in scientific research, collaborating with scientific research development units, and attending scientific seminars.
  • Making enrolment plans and coordinating with other units on organizing the annual enrolment of the full-time mode, inter-college and second degree.
  • Scheduling the teaching, learning, examinations, professional internship and graduation thesis.
  • Checking, monitoring, speeding up and implementing training plans in Faculties, monitoring the implementation of training regulations, and suggesting ideas for supplementation and practically modifying the regulations to improve the quality of training.
  • Scheduling, arranging classrooms and inspecting the lecturers’ teaching plans followed by a confirmation.
  • Managing the academic results of full-time and second degree students; making lists of students who study further, study again, stop studying, drop out, improve the grades and lists of graduates; consulting the Board of Management about graduation for students who are under the credit system.
  • Managing of full-time second degree courses.
  • Organizing the purchase of testamur from the MoET; managing and issuing the testamur for annual full-time, inter-college and second degree students as required.
  • Confirming students’ academic performances and annually delivering the degrees to full-time, inter-college and second degree students.
  • Coordinating with the Department of Testing and Quality Assurance to evaluate the quality of teaching and learning as well as studying and disseminating teaching experience.
  • Organizing the opening and closing ceremonies of full-time, inter-college and second degree courses; organizing the dissemination of training regulations for annual full-time and second degree students.
  • Deploying tasks of receiving and managing students.
  • Coordinating with other units on planning and organizing the modules of the national defence-security education and the civics education as well as delivering certificates after the courses.



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