Office of Human Resources & Administration


  • Functions:

The role of this department is to act as a counsel for the Headmaster on personnel and administrative management, to develop short-term and long-term working plans, implement development plans, and to arrange the school structure – security and order, emulation and commendation.

  • Duties:
  • Officers:
  • Build the development strategy and set up the school structure.
  • Build the employment plans: recommend, arrange, appoint, and recruit the labour force. Follow up and check the organization management and the labour-use efficiency in the entire university.
  • Do research, propose labour appointment, develop the labour force and employees who suit the requirement.
  • Cooperate with the department of functions and plan building, supplement and enforce the working regulations and conditions within the school.
  • Manage and update the personnel record.
  • Apply the labour policy for employees in cases of Education, Training, Promotion, Wage, Allowance, Incentive, Social Insurance, Emulation, Commendation, and Discipline. Collaborate with relating departments to support for evaluating Teacher Honour, Associate Professor, and Professor.
  • Organize the work of typing and filing; Receives and transfer documents to and fro; Preserve the company seal and documents.
  • Support for employees travelling overseas on duty.
  • Conduct the statistics reports, weekly schedules; Generalize periodic and urgent reports.
  • Carry out the work of protecting internal policy.
  • Medical Care:
  • Take care for the health of employees, officers and students in the university.
  • Coordinate with the School Union to serve for the students’ health insurance.
  • Preside for the accident insurance of employees, officers, and students.
  • Car Drivers:
  • Collect employees and officers to the university, those who travel away for work, visiting officers, foreign Professors who come for the university’s events and workshops.
  • Serve for annual enrolment work.
  • Security Guards:

Carry out and instruct the work of possession and provide protection. Ensure the security, peace, and safety within the whole university campus.


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