Graduate School


  • Functions:

Acting as a counsellor or an advisor for and be directly responsible to the Rector regarding management, planning, and implementation of scientific management, technology transfer, postgraduate management and international cooperation as well as  seeking, setting and managing domestic and foreign projects.

  • Responsibilities:
  • Scientific management
  • Managing in preparation of rules and regulations on scientific management, technology development and in collaboration with other Faculties on scientific research plan.
  • Orienting and planning the scientific research – technology transfer.
  • Basing on scientific research budget, proposing the Rector for annual scientific research budget allocation and technology deployment to units.
  • Monitoring the use of allocated funding for scientific research and technology transfer.
  • Monitoring and inspecting the implementation of plans, schedules and content of the research; making preliminary and final reviews of scientific activities by semester and academic year; proposing reward offers for initiatives, inventions and innovations in the scientific research field.
  • Coordinating with Faculties, Divisions, Centers and Institutes on seeking funds or sponsors for improving the facilities for scientific research.
  • Coordinating with other units on public dissemination of scientific information inside and outside the university; on organizing scientific conferences and research conduct among students.
  • Coordinating with Faculties, Divisions, Centers and Institutes regarding cooperatively conducting scientific research with domestic and foreign units for which the effective projects, programs as well as partners shall be inquired and selected to submit to the Rector for approval.
  • Taking responsibility for managing, registering any intellectual property rights, utility solutions and commercialization of scientific research achievements of staff, lecturers and students.
  • Postgraduate education management
  • Planning the development of postgraduate education in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), and in compliance with the overall development of the University.
  • Orienting the development and coordination with domestic and foreign universities, academies and research institutes on postgraduate education in accordance with the regulations of the MoET and the University.
  • Coordinating with Faculties, Department and functional units to develop training objectives and improve curriculum content, syllabus, textbooks, learning materials, teaching methods as well as manage postgraduate training and education projects.
  • Coordinating with Faculties and functional units on moderately implementing the regulations, planning and supervising the teaching, proposing the lecturers’ remuneration and monitoring the student learning. Notifying Faculties of any teaching plans and tasks and coordinating with units on appropriate and effective use of classrooms, laboratories, libraries, etc.
  • As a permanent member of the Postgraduate Admissions Board (the Board), coordinating Faculties as well as the Department of Testing, Quality Assurance and Inspection on proposing, and implementing enrolment targets; notifying and receiving enrolment records, and benchmarking for approval by the Board.
  • Coordinating with Faculties and functional units on organizing entrance exams and final exams, archiving dossiers of postgraduate students and relevant documents as prescribed.
  • Consulting the Rector about setting up the Board of Master Thesis Evaluation based on the list proposed by the Faculty under application regulations, guiding the procedures for assigning topics, reviewing and orally defending Master thesis in accordance with the regulations of the MoET and of the University.
  • Managing the issuance of Master’s degree in accordance with the regulations.
  • Receiving and coordinating with other units handling documents and dossiers related to postgraduate education.
  • Conducting the synthesis of statistics on postgraduate education required by the University and the superiors.


  • International relations
  • Receiving outside information and delivering the information to relevant functional departments (except the specific functions as specified by the Administration – Organization Department).
  • Building a contingent of full-time and qualified staff to effectively carry out the work of external relations.
  • Making a cooperative development plan and image promotion of the University.
  • Proactively seeking and maintaining relationships with external partners (individuals and organizations) having capacity and reputation in the field of education and scientific research to introduce to other units and propose to the Rector for relationship establishment.
  • Coordinating with other units on building and managing international cooperation projects (with foreign elements assigned to specific departments by the Board of Management); entering into cooperation agreements; appointing staff to periodically monitor and evaluate foreign cooperation activities.

§ Organizing international conferences and scientific seminars at the university level, in collaboration with functional units to develop and deploy academic exchange programs with other partners.

  • Performing tasks related to international relations such as hospitality of international delegations; supporting procedures for foreign lecturers and students while working at the University; monitoring and evaluating the working results and drawing experience to advise the Board of Management.
  • Preparing, organizing meetings between the Board of Management and foreign delegations and recording minutes of the meetings; receiving gifts and preparing gifts for foreign guests.
  • Archiving and managing information and documents on international relations under application regulations; managing the operation program and content of the units and individuals in the field of international cooperation.
  • Coordinating with the Faculties and relevant units on managing foreign students while studying at the University.